I am my own favorite DJ... I have made two mixes and in my pervious life, it was my only job and I had a residency at Bar On A and spun at literally every once cool bar in the east village area (Bowery Electric, Niagara, Beauty Bar, etc)... My philosophy is to play the FUCKING JAMS (rock n roll to soul to 90s pop back to Brazilian psychedelic ... if it is a fucking jam... I play it). Then I let them play and do light simple mixing... Songs were created with a specific length and I respect that.  Finally, it's my duty to get the party started and keep it going so I get out there and do my thang and skeet skeet on the dance floor. I bring celebrities to the gigs (cardboard cut outs of Kevin Garnett) and always the most positive energy.... LISTEN TO THE MIXES BELOW.