Music To Fall In Love To  is a vinyl set designed to make you swoon (yes, even your thugish rugish types can still swoon). It's the most tender, loving, heartbreaking array of music humbly curated by Julian Klepper.  All these tracks below exist in my vinyl collection and come to life when played. Please  contact me regarding booking at

Carlos Santanna: Samba Pa Ti

When that first guitar note comes in, I always stop what I am doing and just feel crushed.  It is amazing what you can feel.

Kinks- Morning Song

This song is the sweetest magic I have ever come across. It reminds me of the intro to the ring cycle. 

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: The Girl From North Country

I hear this and I somehow get transported to Utah to a love I left and a life I never lived in 1872. These two crafted something of such nostalgia and beauty, you can't not feel this track. When Johnny comes in with that deep voice. Man, oh man. 

Otis Redding: Everybody Makes a Mistake

You can't have love without heartbreak. Otis has my favorite voice in the history of music cause you can feel everything anyone has ever felt in just a singular note. 

Ronnie Dyson: Bridge Over Troubled Water

OKAY- I never liked the S&G version of this song. I never liked covers of this song and then I found this record on the street and I heard this version and wept. THEM DUDES WROTE A GOSPEL SONG AND I AM NOT SURE THEY KNEW THAT. Ronnie Dyson, 17 years old, took it and gave it the weight it deserves. This is the JAM. 

James Brown - I Don't Mind

He also made amazing ballads

Van Morrison: Sweet Thing

This is one of the great records ever crafted. It has so much heart. This song just is perfect too. 

Billie Holliday: I Cover the Waterfront 

This song, oh man, this song. This is a deep cut that is hard to find and I am so happy I found. 

Duke Ellington: Mood Indigo 

A perfect song for love and a Woody Allen montage. 

Louis Armstrong: I Can't Give You Anything But Love

He can't! He just can't give you anything that isn't love. This song warms up to unveil so much warmth and beauty. His trumpet was soooo alive and playful. I love this dude. 

John Lennon: How - Imagine

This man was tormented and challenged and filled with love. I think Imagine is on par with any Beatles album. But back to what I was saying. Love is not easy and if you really really want to love you got to express that deep stuff that weighs you down, John does that with such beauty and grace. Vunerability is beautiful. 

Jackson 5: Who's Lovin You - 45 Single 

THIS MOTHER FUCKER WAS 11 and could conger up all the soul in the world. MICHAEL OH MICHAEL.. One time I went to showtime at the Apollo and a lil kid started singing it and it was terrible. I boo'ed the little fucker. Lil homie, if you can't sing Michael don't do it. Let that BOO be a lesson.