In this section of the website, we showcase work that I have made for other people as well as promos. If you want to hire me to do something, I am easy to work with and will make you something amazing in the short form. 






  • I wrote, directed, shot and edited this campaign video for the 2018 state Senate candidate, Zellnor Myrie. He's a true progressive who I believe in. 




  • I edited this. I am not that proud of this but it shows people have trusted me enough to edit Kim Kardashian. I figured you would want to know that. 




  • Strange comedy is what happens when I make my own promos. 







  • Telling a story in a short time!







  • I really think I get the short medium. But like maybe, you hate this and you hate me. 









  • Another Smoovie promo that makes the kids smile.