I have been a teaching artist for over four years all across New York.  I have got the chance to work with some amazing students who have produced some amazing work.  My philosophy is that students already have all the tools be to great filmmakers and you need to enable them to use their innate creativity, emotions and experiences to create films.

Just recently, my two different student produced work won awards at the first annual SONYC NYC Student Film Festival.  While other films have been screen at Tribeca Our City, My Story film festival and BRIC Concrete Stories Film Festival.



In the summer of 2012 I taught a public art class and my students created an incredible final project where turned a room in an abandoned building (which was soon to be demolished)  into an art gallery. 


The students created all the floors with just colored tape. It took a week of hard work.... This is what the finished floors look like.

They are about 75% of the way done here.

One righteous tile.